Port Elizabeth is the heart of this thriving little island. Here there are local supermarkets and a busy vegetable market, with local craft and gift shops in between.

The colorful harbor of Port Elizabeth is an easy 15 minute drive from Ijeoma.

This busy town is located at the head of Admiralty Bay, with the beach starting right in the center and then spreading around the majority of this bay, with only the interruption of a few headlands.

You can jump in a water taxi over to Lower Bay for a beer on the beach or stroll the sand path to the waterside cafes and restaurants.

Bequia is a little island with a big heart. The scale of the land and size of the population ensure a warm welcome and the likelihood that you will soon know many familiar smiles and faces.

A sailor's paradise, this is the center of the Grenadines Sailing community and the island's history is closely linked with the prizes of the sea. Bequia holds these traditions close and the island's whaling rights are respected internationally.

The Island has many beautiful beaches and quiet hideaways for you to explore.
There are boutiques with some genuine treasures and the Bequia crafts are strong, especially in the form of the beautifully colorful, painted model sailing boats.

Bequia has a strong network of artists and poets and you are likely to be engaged in an impromptu poetry recital as you pass through the small, quaint Bequia airport.

The roads are simple and can be bumpy, yet the pace is friendly. This is an island with genuine spirit and the JUMP up in the historic Frangipani Hotel with live steel pan rhythms is a great gathering - the island party that isn't to be missed - your house manager can reserve you a table for the pre JUMP UP BBQ.

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