“Seven days of relaxing is an understatement. We have added this wonderful experience to our lives’ memories...

The island and this house is a great getaway. Thank you for letting us have this opportunity, and we will be back.“

Gary & Janet,
Colorado, USA

“‘Ijeoma’ is luxurious throughout with such attention to detail. This hideaway is a one-off that must be savoured and not rushed...

I have travelled the world far and wide but nothing compares to Bequia and I feel emotional at the thought of leaving... I return with batteries fully charged.”

Salisbury, England

“A wonderful week in ‘Onu’. Such a lovely setting for our first visit to Bequia. The accommodation is lovely.”

Sheila & David,
Ontario, Canada

Ijeoma has been commissioned as a personal sanctuary away from the worlds fast pace.

The property has been designed and furnished with flair and creativity with the focus on personal privacy and flexibility for groups.

You are welcomed warmly to come and enjoy this special island home.

chris and rose

“We decided to come for easter weekend and this was our first choice.We will surely recommend Ijeoma to our friends and family and look forward to returning next year.

We were very happy with the service recieved.
Thank you.”

Amanda & Antonio,

"Ijeoma on Bequia was a great choice for our group...

The soft sand and warm sea were only a short stroll down from the property and the family all felt relaxed.

The mix of private and shared spaces worked out perfectly. We will most definitely be coming back next year. "

Sam, James & Family

“We had a wonderful, peaceful and exciting time with turtle swims, sailing, calm warm beaches, gentle kind people and great food. This is a paradise island.

We were welcomed by the housekeeper with a refreshing, cool drink on arrival and were immediately relaxed and felt at home.

The housekeeper and her husband as a gift taught us how to cook salt-cod and breadfruit. This was fantastic.”

Eoin, Nina & Ila,
London, England