nnuo udo onu ngozi
Total Villa Area of IJEOMA is 3150 sq ft :
  • Nnuo + Onu 2060 Sq ft
  • Nnuo 1650 Sq ft
  • Onu 410 sq ft
  • Ngozi 560 sq ft
  • Udo 530 sq ft
A further 3000 sq feet of outside space - is available to guests in the form of verandas, sun deck, patios, gazebo and pool.

The entire property can be rented or simply a portion of the property to suit your group size.
IJEOMA is a flexible property.

Each of the house areas can be rented independently as they are self-contained with their own kitchen and dining area ensuring privacy for all.

IJEOMA has five bedrooms and five en suite bathrooms and can accommodate up to 12 guests in total (10 + 2 on a sofa bed - there is also a single 'put-you-up' portable bed which can go into any apartment for flexibility, eg a child).

The upper level - NUNO & UNO - can be rented together giving beautiful accommodation for 6 in Three en suite bedrooms with ac...

NGOZI or UDO are perfect for 2 guests with access to gardens & beach but not the pool. Views to Mustique from the verandas.
Ijeoma is accessed by a private driveway, there is easy parking for 3 vehicles and there is a level turning area.

The property has beautiful tropical garden area sloping down towards the beachfront coconut plantation.

The Pool is centrally located and the property faces South. All the accommodations have ocean views, with views to Mustique from the verandas.